PsychicWing is Psychic Software made to help Grow Your Psychic Business

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PsychicWing is a psychic cloud software solution made specifically for Psychics and spiritual businesses.

Psychic Software Solution
Software for Psychics

We have heard what you need and want to help grow your psychic business from managing clients, schedules, marketing, even your own website all with 1 simple solution.

With PsychicWing’s all-in-one psychic solution, you’ll find it super easy for the management of your business and use PsychicWing powerful suite of tools to increase income.

The PsychicWing psychic software integrates directly into your website and facebook page. Also provides your own fully branded iOS, iPhone, iPad, and Android App for your clients to download directly from the Apple and Google Play App stores. A direct link to your schedule and booking section is also available which works great for emails, yelp, facebook sharing, craigslist and any way you choose to allow clients to instantly schedule with you.

Are you concerned that random people will book appointments with no intention of showing just to waste your time? PsychicWing has solutions for this!

Reduce no shows with PsychicWing’s SMS text message and Email appointment reminders. Take bookings a step further and require clients to pay in advance at the time of scheduling.

Do not wnat to display your schedule? No problem, let clients request an appointment with you.

PsychicWing bundles in numerous unqiue features into the solution to help you grow your business. Automatically send birthday wishes to existing clients. Use your own branded app to send out push notifications to reach your entire client base in real-time.

PsychicWing has been designed for non-technical users so you can focus on your business while we take care of the details. Setup your app within minutes or shoot us an email and we can setup for you.

Let PsychicWing help you attract new clients, bring existing clients back more often, and sell more Gift Certificates.
Grow your business and increase income with PsychicWing.

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